Portland, Burmese Cuisine has arrived.

You have heard about the beautiful Burmese Cats and Burmese Pythons. We are glad that in recent years Burmese food is also coming into the picture. A South East Asian country about a size of Texas, tucked between India and China, is a home to various ethnic tribes and distinct cultures. When it comes to taste-buds tingling cuisines,  Burma has a lot to offer.

We grew up in Burma, in a family of foodies, food connoisseurs and shamelessly self-proclaimed renowned chefs, who love to explore and experiment with recipes.


  "You should open a restaurant.." is a common phrase you'll hear at our family gatherings. That’s what someone says when a delicious food overtakes them and the brain subconsciously responds.


When our family fell in love with Pacific Northwest and moved to Oregon 15 years ago, We took that phrase to heart, and opened a food cart in downtown Portland called "The Taste of Rangoon". We were one of the early comers to the Portland's food cart scene. It was well received but we weren’t ready, so we sold the business, and went on with building our careers in other domains. There were a lot more things to learn.

After years of refining our family recipes, and discovering ways to connect with various food cultures of Burma, combined with how latest technologies have brought us efficient food deliveries, we are ready to rekindle our passion on bringing a delightful Burmese Food experience ....deliver right to you.

Update (September 2019) - Top Burmese opens its first brick and mortar dinning location at 413 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209, in addition to its robust delivery services.

You will love it!

Kalvin & Poe

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